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Alignment with the Sea Dragon

Alignment with the Sea Dragon

Alignment with the Sea Dragon'


If you visit Spray Point, there is a good chance you will experience the waves splashing up over the reef. It is quite the wonder. As the waves roll in off Bass Strait they are propelled into an often hidden reef that then sends a plume of water high into the air.


On this day I had climbed down a rock ledge to get the best angle to photograph the waves. I had been photographing for quite some time, the sun had set, and I finished packing up my equipment. A couple of onlookers came out to watch the experience, and I only noticed them out of the corner of my eye. They appeared to be in love, giggling and frolicking around. With the sun setting behind them they formed a nice silhouette up on the rock outcrop behind them. I quickly set my camera back up. As I was setting up, the female walked away from the scene and the guy stood there momentarily admiring the waves crashing below, as if  he needed to take in a moment to connect with the sea. I quickly shot ten frames before he also left the scene. I was excited to find this gem of an image where the waves appeared to dance for the onlooker.


To me the splash reminds me of a sea dragon, others have suggested puppy, rabbit and other animals. As the human and waves appear to communicate, and as the alignment between the waves, the visitors, and myself all aligned up perfectly, I called this image “Alignment with the Sea Dragon’





All images are available on either a fine art print on archival cotton rag paper or canvas. 

Prints are completed on archival papers that are resistant to deterioration with excellent longevity. This means acid-free / lignin-free papers, which can preserve the product for a very long time.


Fine Art Paper

Photo Cotton Rag papers are the world’s most popular papers used by photographers. These papers produce outstanding prints that feature brilliant colours, deep blacks, striking contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail. The paper is acid and lignin-free, meeting museum quality for the highest age resistance. ​





Some of the prints are panorama, therefore are much longer than the regular print. Please contact me if you are after one of these prints to discuss sizes. 





Fine Art Prints are printed with a border. Generally, sizes A4, A3 & A2 have a 60mm border,  A1 has an 80mm, and A0 has a 100mm border.  If you want a different size border then please indicate it in the 'Comment' section. 


Alternatively, we can also print without a border and have the image fill the frame.  If you would like the print without a border, please indicate this in the 'Comment' section. 




Orders, sizes, etc., can be flexible, so if you are after something not showing on the website, contact me to arrange it. 

Take very special care when unwrapping your fine art prints. 


There are no refunds or exchanges on purchases.

Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery within Australia, and longer for overseas.

All prices are shown in Australian Dollars.


Framing and Mounting Options

All mouldings are made from sustainable plantation-grown timbers. The moulding is 30-40mm on the side, and 20mm on the face. Colours are black, white and oak; and use acrylic glass. 


Canvases are available in either stretched and ready to hang; or stretched, framed and ready-to-hang.


If you would like print only and un-stretched canvas please contact me so that I can arrange it.





Use the Contact form with details of the print size and country so that I can send you a quote. 


For further details please go to the FAQs Page.

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