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A Photographer's Pilgrimage Blog. 

noun: any long journey, especially one undertaken as a quest

So, I thought I would start a blog. Basically, I am using this as an excuse to get my camera out and about to see places, talk to people, witness creativity, visit unique spaces, learn from individuals, and then create content. Like a 
pilgrimage I hope this blog will take me on a journey. 

This is a very broad blog both about people with a passion for their craft in their surroundings, and a blog about amazing locations that deserve a story. 

Everybody and place has a story. What is the creativity? Photography? Bee-keeping? Floristry? Wood-carving? Pets? Spirituality? A magical location? An architectural feat? These are people and places I want to explore and share with you. 
Please join me on this journey. And, please contact me if you are, or know of a person, or a place that inspires you and would love to share with others. 

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