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Landscape Adventure

So, at the end of 2021 I have decided to hit the road on an adventure around Australia. 

Along the way, I will primarily be focusing on shooting landscapes of Australia.

However, I will looking for a ways to fund the trip and I am hoping I can assist you in any number of skills that I have. Wether it be photography, gardening, dance, property, or crafts. If you need an extra hand then drop me a message and when I am in your location I'll stop on by and work for you. Or, if you know of someone who needs a helping hand then please pass on my details. 

The only thing  ask for in exchange is a form of payment on whatever you can give. 

Projects I am available for:

- Photography projects:


  • Photography Workshop

    Learn how to take better landscape photos. Join me in a three hour one-on-one or small group workshop. 

    One on One, or small groups up to 4 participants.

    Durations: 3 hours. Theory and a location shoot based around your skill set. 
    Learnings useful for both landscape and other (portrait/commercial) photography. 

    What you will learn:

    • Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed settings

    • Histogram

    • Manual, Shutter and Aperture priority modes

    • Composition

    • Manual or Auto focus

    • Depth of Field

    • Use of Nisi Filters

    • Gain Confidence

      What you will need is a camera (digital is better), and a tripod.


  • Lightroom and/or Photoshop Workshop

    Learn how to develop and edit your photos better.

    One on One, or small groups up to 4 participants. 
    Durations: Lightroom 2 hours, Photoshop 3 hours.
    Learnings useful for both landscape and other (portrait/commercial) photography. 

    What you will learn:

    • Importing and metadata

    • Developing basics on Lightroom

    • Editing details using Photoshop 

    • 10 gorgeous presets free to workshop participants

      What you will need is a laptop.

  • Photography Services

    Hire my photography services for all types of commercial, social media, portraiture requirements.

    • Commercial examples: accommodation, retail, product images.

    • Portrait and Family Portraits

    • Pet photography

    • Drone and Property photography. 


  • Photography Photoshoot

    Let's get together on a photoshoot. It always nice to have company on a landscape photoshoot, to visit sites, share stories, insight and knowledge, collaborate, safety in numbers, go on a hike together. Send me a message and let's explore. 

- Gardening Projects:

  • Several years experience. Garden design, garden renovations, planting, pruning, weeding, etc. 
    (Note: I will have limited tools so will be relying on what you have available).

- Dance Instruction

  • As an Arthur Murray trained dance instructor I can teach you to dance. Have a wedding coming up, let me choreograph a routine for you. 


Payment. I will be working on a pay 'what you want' method.  I am confident in my services and know you will end up with a great result. So, you have the option to paid what you can. Below are a few average rates for different services, but I will be grateful in whatever you can give so I can continue my adventure for as long as I can. IF you do want me to give an estimate please feel free to ask. 

Bartering. I am also OK with bartering too. Note: that I am very limited to a small caravan so taking slabs of beer or other things are going to be very helpful. However a barter such as Airbnb accommodation in exchange for professional images of your lodging is a great barter that we can both benefit from. 

Average rates to give you a guide.

Photography Services: $100-$250 per hour

Portrait/Family Portraits: $150-$370+ per hour

Product/Social Media Photography: $255 for essentials.

Commercial Photography: $250+ per image

Pet Photography: $150-$300

Wedding Photography: $1,000-$3,500

Source: /

Gardening Services: $40-$60 per hour


Dance Instruction: $30-$50 per hour


Painting/Maintenance: $35-$60 per hour



- Photography projects:


  • Photography Workshop

    Learn how to take

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